Be A Nice Human

Life is far too short to be anything but a nice human. Nothing can be truer than those who are nice to others have niceness returned to them …… the Karma effect.  So my Monday Morning quote is “be a nice human”     Happy Monday!  Love  Michelle xo  Advertisements

All you need is love

As today is our 2nd Wedding Anniversary we are sharing a few of the special moments from our day with you, including our amazing suppliers!

National Proposal Day

National Proposal Day honours and celebrates marriage proposals while providing a graceful way for singles seeking marriage to reveal their marriage minded intentions to a true love.

The Liebster Award – Answers and Nominations

The Liebster Award was created as a fun way to recognise and introduce up and coming blogs to the blogging community. Read inside for my answers to Alice’s questions and my own nominations.

Make Your Life Beautiful

When life gets you down, remember – make your life beautiful, fill it with laughter and love

How to prepare for 2016

For the past 3 days I have been busy preparing my home and mind for 2016! From decluttering my home to setting goals and moving on, here are my top 10 tips to help you prepare for the new year.

Alphabet Heaven

Initial Monogrammed items appear to be all the rage on the high street at the moment, from alphabet candles to initial gift tags!

2016 Diaries

A selection of the 10 best diaries I have seen so far, including the stunning Smythson 2016 Fashion Diary