About Us

Hello! Well, where to start….. firstly who are we?

I am Michelle, I live with my husband Paul and our gorgeous 2 Labradors Chiara & Harlow (both 6), at number 5!

I created this blog to share with you all a little bit of our life, we are a mediocre family, living a mediocre life but loving every minute of it. That includes the downs as well as the ups, they help us grow!

I love this space because it gives me a chance to share all the little things in life I love, which are not expensive or unrealistic. Whilst updating my computer one day I was asked to update my storage size due to having 15,000+ photos. That’s what prompted my idea to create Home at Five. I wanted somewhere I could share my photos of the places I have been, my baking (I LOVE Baking), my purchases however big or small and everything in-between (including Chiara & Harlow’s mischief!)

I hope you love sharing in our lives and enjoy my recipes!

Have Fun

Michelle xo

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  1. danetigress says:

    Thanks for following my blog http://www.danetigress.wordpress.com I’ve followed back ! Happy New Year!

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    1. Home at Five says:

      Thank you! Happy new year to you too X

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      1. danetigress says:

        your welcome I’ve followed your social media too


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