National Proposal Day

Today is National Proposal Day, as stated on the official website

Proposal Day honours and celebrates marriage proposals while providing a graceful way for singles seeking marriage to reveal their marriage minded intentions to a true love

With this in mind  I wanted to talk about proposals, whether thats your dream proposal or how your partner proposed to you.

My husband proposed to me some 5 years ago bank in 2011 on a trip to Disneyland Florida. We have been together since we were 16 years old, so through college and university. Florida was a really big deal to us as we had spent nearly 12 months saving up to go and it was one of our first real adventures together.

For my then boyfriend I think the flight there was one of the worst of his life, I was 23 and had been with Paul for nearly 7 years. I was constantly looking at engagement rings! There was a lady sat across from us on the flight and she was wearing one of the most beautiful rings I had ever seen, it was so big it sat up off her finger. After a good few hours of ‘look at her ring’, ‘babe  look at how big her ring is’, ‘I love her engagement ring’…..little did I know the sneaky man had already chosen the diamonds and designed his own engagement ring for me which was sat in his bag in the over head locker above me!!


I am not going to lie and pretend he made some enormous grand gesture with a rose petal trail leading to a romantic candle lit table etc etc etc, because he didn’t but I didn’t care. The moment was perfect as it was, he started talking about a time back when we had started dating and were sat in my Dad’s garden as a shooting star flew above us, we both made a wish. Then he got down on one knee and told me what that wish was *that bits staying a secret*.

After the grand gesture was done and I said yes we sat with our feet in the private pool to the villa we had rented eating snacks and drinking champagne. I was on cloud9.

For me the fact there was no private helicopter waiting or stadium exclusively booked (i.e. Kim and Kanye) did not matter at all. I loved how special and intimate his gesture was, we also kept it a secret for over a week so that we could enjoy the euphoria together.

I would love to hear stories of how you other half proposed or your dream proposal (pictures of rings are more than welcome, diamonds are a girls best friend after all)

Lots of Love

Michelle xo


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  1. Soph says:

    Wow!! This was so beautiful. I think an intimate proposal is soooo much better than some huge gesture. Something from the heart is so meaningful. And that ring… OMG. I’m not engaged but my boyfriend knows I want something quiet and private (I’ve hinted once or twice lol). I’m in no rush but I LOVE love, so this story was beautiful to me šŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Home at Five says:

      Awww thanks Soph!! I love that it was just us two and we kept it quiet from everyone for a week just so we could enjoy the moment together. It was weird writing it because it was such personal moment but I am glad I did šŸ™‚ xx

      Liked by 1 person

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