How muddy can dogs get? – Apedale Country Park

Weekends are my favourite time of the week….obvs! But I love them because I get time to spend with my girls (my two Labradors),  a few weeks ago we rehomed a Labrador named Harlow and she is fitting into our family wonderfully. As a family we love walking and seeing the amazing views the UK has to offer us, today we have been to a local country park called Apedale. It’s views look out over Staffordshire and you can make the walk as short or aslong as you like. 9000+ steps later and we had 3 very muddy but happy pooches.

Here is a little bit of info about Apedale Country Park:

Apedale offers 184 hectares of open space which is full of woodland, meadows, pools and has plenty of paths and tracks. At the top of one of the tracks is a memorial in the form of a pit wheel which is dedicated to the mine workers of Staffordshire.

This is an easy walk and perfect for walking dogs off the lead. Today it was quite muddy but there are plenty of pathways for a nice easy stroll.


Next week we are walking Mam Tor in Derbyshire, check back to see how we got on.

Lots of Love

Michelle XO


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