Product Review – Forever Living

For those of you who haven’t heard of Forever Living, Forever manufacture and sells aloe vera and bee-derived skincare, personal care, weight management, cosmetics and supplement products.

A few weeks back my friend EmmaJane inspired by Aloe asked me if I would give her products a try and let her know my thoughts. So here they are…….

Below are a few of the products I tried and my thoughts:

Aloe Lips: I am not going to beat around the bush I have large luscious lips, however they get chapped and sore very easily. I am a vaseline girl, there was a tub in every handbag and draw. That was until Emma introduced me to this little beauty. I wish I had taken a before and after picture so that you could see just how sore my lips were before using the Aloe Lips. It’s rich and nourishing blend of aloe, jojoba and beeswax has left my lips feeling completely soothed and moisturised. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!


Forever Bright Toothgel: This product is one of those that you put on your toothbrush and think this is going to be rank, I was pleasantly surprised and so was my husband……he started using it! The gentle, non-flouride formula contains aloe-vera and bee propolis and is none harmful to your teeth (You will need to use normal toothpaste every now and again for the fluoride) It also has the advantage of whitening your teeth and can be used on dogs!


Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo and Conditioner: I have been growing my hair for what feels like years so looking after my hair is really important. When putting the shampoo into the palm of your hand it looks like waxy-oil (If that makes sense) and I wasn’t sure what I was going to think of it, however I continued to wash and condition my hair (I left the conditioner on a few minutes whilst I used the Aloe Scrub mentioned below). The real wow moment was whilst I was drying my hair, it felt  so silky and smooth – I didn’t even straighten my hair it was that silky smooth. So for me these products were a massive thumbs up and left my hair in excellent condition, plus it didn’t feel at all greasy the next day as some products do.


Aloe Scrub: This was another of my favourite products and I would put it on a level with my favourite clinique body scrub. My skin felt like a baby’s after a shower using this scrub. It was so smooth and my horrible dry bits of skin had flaked away. It is so gentle to your skin that it can be used every day, no hard plastic balls that you usually find in scrubs. The benefits of the jojoba and aloe vera leave your skin feeling completely refreshed, clean and healthy. 

These are just a few of the products I tried out, others worth mentioning are the Heat Lotion – this was amazing during that dreaded week of the month and the moisturising lotion and my skin felt so soft after using this.

I did attend a Forever product launch held by Emma and during the event one lady very bravely stripped her face of make up and gave the Mask Powder a go (Used with the Aloe Activator) After giggling at her for half an hour whilst she was unable to talk and move her face, I have to say the results were amazing, she had quite sore and sensitive skin and the blemishes had diminished so much after just one mask. So this is the next product I am looking forward to trying and will update you soon.

If you are interested in trialing Emma’s ‘Pamper Hamper’ shown below or purchasing any of the products here are her contact details:

Tel: 07795 008 901




Lots of Love

Michelle xo

**All photos taken and owned by EmmaJane-InspiredbyAloe


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