Mother’s Day – Just Another Occasion? 

With Mother’s Day around the corner I wanted to ask what you thought about the occasion, should we require a titled day to show our mums how much we value them?

Do you love the tradition or see it as the high street tricking you into another occasion to dig your hands into your pockets?

Personally, I sit on the fence I love treating my mum and stepmum but I also hate feeling pressured into doing it on a particular day (I am also not a great fan of Valentine’s Day to my husbands delight!)

For my Mother’s Day present I like to put thought and effort into their gifts, so for my mum I have been watching her eye up an orchid plant and my step mum loves my homemade red velvet cake so I spent the morning in the kitchen (looks can be deceiving – it is very yummy)

I would love to hear your thoughts on Mother’s Day and how you celebrate with your Mothers.

This is the cake I made earlier…….  

Lots of Love

Home at Five XO


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