Watch your pets during the day whilst you are at work!

I have absolutely got to tell you about these two apps!

So as I told you a few days ago we rehomed a chocolate labrador last week. Whilst we have been at work we have been worried and nervous about how the two dogs are coping together, do they like each other? do they fight? do they ignore each other all day?

After a couple of days of worrying I decided to take a look on the app store to find a way of being able to see the dogs during the day whilst I am out, lo and behold I stumbled across these two amazing apps and they are FREE!!


The first app is the ‘At Home Camera’ you download this on to your iphone, you then need a second device you will set up at home i.e. an iPad. On the second device you need to download the ‘At Home Video Streamer’ app. Follow the instructions on the ‘At Home Camera’ app, it is so simply and easy to set up. You can also have more than one phone set up to the same streamer so both partners can watch the pets throughout the day.

The app also has some cool features:

  • Live footage – real time streaming with a time in the top left of the screen
  • You can record videos (I recorded what happened in the house as I pulled into the street, parked the car and let myself into the house)
  • Screenshot stills from live stream – save straight to your camera roll
  • Switch the camera around – I am using my ipad and it has the function to switch which camera view I can see from my iPhone
  • Live Audio – You can talk to the device at home from your iPhone, you can also hear what is going on back at home (Allowed me to establish when the dogs barked and why!)

I won’t lie this app does become obsessive, I find myself constantly checking what they are up to during the day. As you can see from the photos I have two very lazy dogs, they sleep pretty much all day long! I caught Chiara chewing her bed one day!


Lots of Love

Home at Five xo


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