Sunday’s, how do they make you feel? 

It’s here again, Sunday!

Some people dread Sunday’s….for example for my work colleague a Sunday brings out a day of panic, stress and a sleepless night thinking about the new work week.

For me, a Sunday is one of my favourite days of the week. It is a day I get to spend with my family and friends and a day to relax and chill. Granted I hate the Sunday house clean but it’s so worth it when I collapse on the sofa to watch an afternoon film (today’s choice is Legally Blonde) or snuggle up later in bed in fresh clean bedding.

I also like to think of Sunday as another week survived. A reminder that I have taken everything the week has thrown at me, if it has been a bad week then Sunday is the final day and Monday a new week starts with new goals and new adventures, positive thinking at it’s finest (I am not the best for positive thinking, I am a born worrier!)

How do you feel about Sunday’s?

There is also the debate on what day the week starts…for me it is definitely a Monday. What do you think Sunday or Monday?

So I am going to finish enjoying my Sunday on my sofa in my PJ’s. Let me know your thoughts on Sunday’s and how you like to spend them.

With Love

Home at Five xo


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