Colour Therapy – Does it work?

If you haven’t seen these yet where have you been??

For Christmas I hinted (to quite a few people) that I really wanted an adults colouring book and hey presto I ended up with 3! Whilst my other half has something boring on the TV (often to do with cars) I find I end up searching the internet and imaginary shopping with all the money I don’t have and wind up depressed. Here comes in the colouring book, they are suppose to be a form of relaxation…..this is the blurb on the back for one of the books:

What better way to relax and unwind than by colouring in?

Everyone can enjoy the calming and stress-relieving benefits of colouring that come from increased focus and creativity. Discover the latest trend of colouring books for adults, and create something individual and beautiful to display in your home

So a week after christmas I have disgracefully completed no pictures yet (my family will not be impressed after my incessant whining about them!) Maybe next week after a week back in work I will find myself surrounded in colour (or when Jeremy Clarkson’s face appears on Amazon Prime *yawn*)

What are your thoughts on them? 2 minute fad or are they here to last? Which books would you recommend?

If you haven’t purchased one yet and like the idea of them below are few stockists I have seen on my travels:



Home at Five xo


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