How to prepare for 2016

You could say this is another of those typical New Years Resolution posts, New Year – New Me and all that!

However , whilst I have been at home for the past 3 days alone I like to spend this time preparing for the coming year. My husband would say I have OCD, I on the other hand like to call it being organised.

So below is a list of the 10 things I have been doing to prepare for 2016 (Yes I like lists!)


  1. Declutter the home  – this is the major project, I like to throw away old clothes, clear out the kitchen cupboards. Anything which hasn’t been used in the last 12 months is a goner…. last year I wasn’t ready to put my wedding dress in the loft, 22 months later and she has been packed away and put in the loft safely 😥
  2. Set up my planner for 2016 – after searching for the perfect diary for the past few months I resorted back to my old faithful Finsbury Filofax. So she has had a little new year clean, new diary inserts and information entered
  3. Meal plan – Christmas is a time for binge drinking and eating…yes I currently feel like a baby whale! So for January I like to meal plan, we eat pretty healthy at number 5 and enjoy preparing our meals from scratch. Here comes another list, the food shopping list.
  4. Major food shop – last night we ventured to the supermarket with a big list in hand and a mission to stock the cupboards full of spices, herbs, sauces and everything else we have depleted over the last 12 months. It is such a satisfying feeling to see the cupboards so full!
  5. Set up financial spreadsheets – after both my partner and I lost our jobs within 4 months of each other 2015 has taught us to budget, budget and budget some more! With that we have been living to a financial planner in order to help us see what we are spending money on and where we can save money. 2016 for my household is the year of clearing debt off and with a financial spreadsheet for the next 12 months I can clearly see where we could be should we stick to it…..I like goals!
  6. Make sure home bills and policies are in order – quite a few of our insurance policies are due for renewal   within the first few months of the year so I like to make sure I know what dates these are (and add them to my planner!) and start to look around for better policies at a better price! Our home insurance is due for renewal on the 3rd January and I have managed to save £18 a month for the same policy…….bargain!
  7. Declutter your mind – I think this one is very important. A new year is a time for reflection, to be thankful of the good and the bad things that have happened over the past 12 months…..they have brought you to the place you are today.
  8. Move on – once you have decluttered your mind it is time to leave the negative in 2015. Start 2016 on a positive and notice the difference. 2015 for us has been a year of job losses, hospital visits and the loss of a family member, however today is the day to draw a line under all of that and start a new year with new hopes and dreams.
  9. Set Goals – targets, these help me to focus on something… end game (then I set a new one). Whatever you plan for 2016 set a goal and aim for it…..aim high! My goal for 2016 is to be financially stable (clearing off debt) and be more positive, positivity is like a sneeze or a smile, it is infectious and it spreads. I want to make other people happy but most importantly I want to make myself happy.
  10. Spend time with family and friends – thank them for the joys they have brought to your life in the past 12 months and enjoy bringing in the new year with them. Life is precious and these people make you who you are, life would be pretty dull without them

We hope you all enjoy your New Years celebrations and are prepared for 2016!

Heres to making many more memories


Home at Five xo


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  1. Michelle says:

    This is very helpful. Thanks for sharing


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