Christmas Traditions

So it’s that time of year to get your Christmas decorations down from the loft, dust them off and cover your home in festive cheer!

Over time each family develops Christmas Traditions, whether it has been passed down by family members or you start a new one in your own household.

Our “Christmas Tradition” at no5 is a collection of ornaments and decorations collected from our travels over the years. Each destination we go to we make it our aim to collect a decoration for the tree or to put on display in the house to remind us of how lucky we are to have visited the numerous destinations we have been to!

So far our collection includes decorations from Prague, Las Vegas, The Lake District (UK), York (UK), New York …… sadly we didn’t manage to find a decoration in Turkey which we visited in October!

I absolutely LOVE unwrapping the decorations each year and adding our new item to the memories!

I hope you have fun decorating your homes this weekend and don’t forget to share what you favourite Christmas Traditions are?


Home at Five xo

Christmas Traditions Decorations



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